Wedding Ceremony Send Off : Should You Do One?

On weddings days, I’m all about moments and experiences. Festive, joyful, exciting.. When done right, ceremony send offs are one of those unforgettable wedding day memories for you and your guests.

bubble ceremony send off

Here are a few reasons people choose to do a ceremony send off :

  1. Hello! They are suuuuper fun! Who doesn’t want a crowd of people cheering and throwing stuff at them?!

  2. It makes for a really lovely photo opportunity. Not only is it an exciting moment with lots of smiles, but your guests will also be crowded into the frame smiling and having fun. It’s the ideal candid moment maker.
  3. It’s a time honored tradition that harkens back to your mom’s and grandmom’s wedding.
  4. Some couples love the idea of doing a sparkler exit at the end of the night, but aren’t able to do one at their venue. For couples in this scenario, a post ceremony send off provides another great opportunity to have a celebratory moment earlier in the day. (and get some great photos!)
bride and groom pose after wedding ceremony send off

While I always love a good grand exit, it’s not right for every couple and every wedding.

Here are some factors to think about before you make a decision :

  1. Does your venue allow it? Check beforehand to confirm that your ceremony venue will allow confetti or bubbles or whatever you plan to use.
  2. Do you have enough time in your schedule? If you’re having an outdoor ceremony and your guests are celebrating from their seats, this doesn’t apply to you. If you have to wait for all your guests to exit a church and arrange themselves outside, you can expect to add about 20 min to your wedding day timeline.
  3. Does it make sense logistically? Do you have someone, a groomsman or usher, to hand out and explain how the grand exit is going to work? Is there any kind of clean up you’ll have to do afterward or a custodial fee?
  4. Is it in the budget? Depending on what you decide to do, costs for doing a grand exit will vary. Since it’s one of those finishing touch details, you can definitely wait until the bigger budget items are taken care of before deciding on this one!

I hope this helps you think about whether or not you’d like to do a grand exit send off after your wedding ceremony! The possibilities are endless and with a little preparation and planning, it can be a fun addition to your wedding day!

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