Marlaina & Kyle | Parvin State Park Engagement

When it comes to scheduling engagement sessions, most couples find the bleakness of a winter landscape totally unappealing. As soon as the leaves fall in November, my calendar is pretty open until foliage reappears in the spring! Lucky for me, Marlaina and Kyle braved the dreary cold of early December to hang out with me for their engagement session in Parvin State Park.

Call it an artist’s eye maybe, but I’ve always found beauty in every season. Between the evergreens and the warm neutral tones of winter, Parvin State Park is one of my favorite go-tos for engagement sessions! I told Marlaina and Kyle during their session, but they very much nailed it in the wardrobe department too. I loved their look!

Aesthetics aside, what really made their session sparkle was Marlaina and Kyle and their chemistry together. I seriously can’t remember a time I worked less during an engagement. I spent most of our engagement session at Parvin either capturing them interacting with each other or just laughing with them. It’s so obvious that they are each other’s best friends for sure!

There’s a lot a good photographer can do to prepare a couple to have a great engagement session, but for real, you can’t force people to enjoy each other’s company like these two do. 🙂 It’s a beautiful thing to see and it makes my job way too easy.

Next year I’ll have the pleasure of working with these two again on their wedding day! Marlaina and Kyle are getting married at Running Deer and I can’t wait to be there!

winter engagement session at parvin state park
couple laughing with each other
engaged couple walking in the woods at parvin state park
engagement pictures by the lake at parvin state park

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