Guide to Getting Ready Photos

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Getting Ready Photos

There are really no small moments on your wedding day. Even before the main events of the day, the hours you’ll spend preparing are really special too. Here are some things to think about!

bride getting ready with her mom

Details :

The first thing I like to do when I arrive on your wedding day is take photos of your details. That means your invitations, maybe shoes or jewelry.. it’s like a little capsule of your wedding vibes and sentiments in one photograph. Here are some examples of what people like to include :

  • jewelry
  • ring box
  • vow books
  • garter
  • shoes
  • perfume bottle
  • invitations & stationery
  • color inspiration
  • florals

TIP : ask your florist to include a few loose blooms when they drop your bouquet off so I can style them with your details!

Location :

For your best getting ready photos, a room with wide windows and good light is ideal. If you’re getting ready at a hotel or in your home, choose a room that has great light and reserve it for that ‘put your dress on’ moment. If you’re at a venue, you might not have a choice in that. A lot of times if the bridal suite provided is dark, small, windowless or cluttered, I’ll move us to another location for you to get buttoned and zipped and to put on those final touches. Even if you are getting ready at your house or a hotel room but still want to get your dress on at the venue, we can do that too.

Timing :

I like to have about 3 hours before the ceremony to hang out  with you guys before the wedding. We’ll do details first while hair and makeup is finishing up, then, as everyone is hoping out of the makeup chair I’ll move on to taking more candids of everyone. Sometimes my brides buy robes for their girls and want a picture with everyone in them. In that case, consider scheduling hair and makeup a little earlier for the reason that we’ll need everyone done and ready at the same time and if we’re keeping everyone in a robe until hair and makeup is completely done, they’ll be less time for everyone to get into their dresses.
I would plan to give yourself 15-20 minutes to get into your dress and put on your shoes and jewelry.

Special Moments

There are a lot of other special things we can do during the getting ready portion of the day like getting pictures of the girls in their robes, a bridesmaid first look, or a first look with your dad. Planning ahead means we can make time for these little moments on your wedding day!


Are you excited for these little moments on the morning of your wedding day?


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