Vendor Spotlight | Briana Garrett, Inside Out Beauty

If you’re like me, you don’t know where to begin when it comes to hiring a makeup artist, let alone what you need to do to prepare for your wedding day look!

With that in mind, I’m so excited to share with you this week a shoot that I did this spring and an interview I did with the makeup artist!

I got to spend time with Bri from Inside Out Beauty this year, admiring her natural, glowy makeup prowess and picking her brain about what brides should be thinking about makeup-wise as their wedding day approaches.

Bri is super knowledgeable and just an overall good presence on a wedding day. I have had the pleasure of working with her a few times over the past few years and every time she creates the same high quality, flawless looks for her clients.

If you haven’t hired a makeup artist for your wedding day yet, you need to talk to her!

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What should brides be doing to prepare to have their makeup done on their wedding day?

“I think the most important thing a bride can start to prep is her skin. I specialize in creating a flawless yet natural bridal look for all my brides and what aids in me being able to create this look is the bride preparing her skin for the makeup application on the day of her wedding. Starting almost 4-6 months in skin prep. Water is a must! Taking care of their skin (cleansing , exfoliating hydration & spf).”

For our brides who ‘aren’t big makeup people’, how do they figure out their style?

“Figuring out their style is hard, especially when they don’t really wear makeup. In preparing for their trial I always tell my brides to go on Pinterest and look at different makeup looks and what could they see themselves wearing on their special day.”


Do you recommend makeup trials?

“YES YES AND UH YES! I had 3 for my own wedding. This part of the process is crucial especially if your dealing with a makeup artist who may not have a portfolio yet or reviews from past clients. You want to see what your going to look like the day of your wedding before they day! I can’t stress how important this is. I hear so many times when a mother is at her daughters trial or bridesmaids saying wow I wish my makeup looked like this the day of my wedding. SO BOOK THE TRIAL.”

Any tips for brides as they plan for their wedding day look?

“I think the best tip I can give is to not have to do ANYTHING the day of the wedding. So many times I have seen brides running around, making phone calls, having to leave and really you want to be as relaxed as possible.”

What do you wish every bride knew about hiring a makeup artist for their wedding day?

“The importance of hiring the right makeup artist for YOU. Making sure their vision is your vision.”

Tell me a little bit about your process with your clients and what makes you special! 

“..I just am myself. I am very easy- going but I believe my experience makes people comfortable and at ease when we meet. I am able to answer their questions and make suggestions for what they need for the day of their wedding. I listen and execute what the client wants at all times. It’s not about me at all but what my bride is asking of me.”

Thanks so much to Bri for putting this shoot together with me and for shedding some light on our wedding day makeup questions!

  1. Heidi says:

    I am loving what I see from Bri from Inside Out Beauty!

  2. Julia Dent says:

    I love these natural looks! I was so nervous about getting someone to do my hair and makeup for my wedding because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I’m happy to see that more makeup artists are going for natural styles.

  3. Adrienne says:

    A lovely vendor spotlight for Brianna! Beautiful natural makeup.

  4. tonya says:

    Love the natural looks that she does!

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