Philinda & Chris | Piney Point Engagement

On a day that felt just a little like normal, I got to meet up with Philinda and Christopher at one of my favorite local spots, Piney Point on Sunset Lake!
Months ago we had our session on the books and then.. well, you know the rest of the story.

One of my favorite things about the time in between when we first meet and your wedding day is getting to know you and getting together for our engagement session, so I spent all spring chomping at the bit to get back to moments like this. It was so refreshing to be back behind the camera and back to connecting with lovely people like Philinda and Chris.

I don’t know how it happens, but I always get the sweetest couples I swear. Philinda and Chris have this easy going, light hearted way about them that is so inviting. I always love couples that can’t stop making each other laugh! What a joy this was. Can’t wait for their wedding day this fall!

engagement at piney point picnic areahand with engagement ring
couple poses for engagement portraits at piney point on sunset lake
sunset lake bridgeton nj
piney point in bridgeton nj
couple laughing together at piney point
engagement portraits

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