Calvin’s Nursery Tour

I’ll admit, the reason for this post is that I finally have Calvin’s nursery the way I want it after 7 months!

One of the things that we were really conscious of when planning his nursery was that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money putting the room together. On top of anticipating the costs of having a new baby, we also had some other expenses come up in the months before he was born, so we definitely wanted to keep things simple.

Putting Calvin’s room together was a family effort. The mattress came from my cousin. The glider was my great mom mom’s, given to us by my great aunt. His crib was something that Alex’s mom found for free even before we knew we were expecting. The dresser I bought for $20 at a thrift store and my brother helped me by installing new drawer slides for it. We really felt the love and support of everyone getting Calvin’s room ready for his arrival!

Alex also created some details for his nursery, special for Calvin. The bear on the wall is something he surprised me with. It’s made from salvaged wood from my pop pop’s shop. We hung it on the wall just hours before Calvin was born. He also made the night light mountains! And, of course, one of my favorite features of the nursery is the board and batten Alex did on the walls.

Baby gear aside, most every other decoration in his room was something we already had! In the weeks before he was born, I ended up buying a few finishing touches for his room; a rope bin for toys, a lamp, and two old crates for his books. I also love the prints we got from Pip & J Papery that hang above his changing table!

I’m such a fan of keeping things simple and not going overboard on a ‘theme’ so I love the way Calvin’s nursery came out and I’m excited to see the way his room transforms as he gets older!


  1. Jeanne McPherson says:

    Stunning photography! Beautifully decorated. Your eye for detail is impeccable. Great job.😀

  2. Joan Blew says:

    I love it! I think every new baby’s first baby book should have these kind of pictures taken, so that they may enjoy beautiful memories for years thereafter!

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