Planning a Perfectly Simple Wedding

Ok, so weddings are hella expensive, even when we think we’re planning a simple wedding. So expensive in fact that some people actually delay the start of their marriage so they can afford the wedding! Crazy!

The problem is, most couples come to the table with these assumptions about all the stuff they need in order to have a wedding day; a bridal party, aisle runners, invitations, 4 course dinner and on and on and on.

What ends up happening for those of us who are on a budget (read: all of us!), is that we either try to do a ballroom wedding on a VFW budget, or, we end up breaking the bank on a day we can’t afford.

I created a video rethinking this exact problem of planning a simple wedding. You can check it out here or read on :

I like to tell people to flip things upside down. Rather than starting with everything and trying to eliminate stuff to stay in budget, I recommend starting with nothing, no assumptions, and planning your wedding day from there, adding the most important things in first.

It’s like reengineering the whole idea of a wedding. So, here’s how to plan a simple wedding :

Start with the big things. In order to have a wedding, you have to have a ceremony. That’s the only actual requirement. So boom, we got that figured out.

Next, are you going to invite guests, and are you going to want to celebrate with them afterward?

Basic question, but, it’s worth peeling back and asking what a reception is for in the first place. It’s just a celebration, and you’ve got to decide what that’s gonna look like, but, do what you can afford. I’ve seen a lot of variations on this idea; a DJed cocktail hour style reception with just passed hors d’oeurvres, I’ve seen backyard BBQs, or a sit-down dinner only reception. Don’t feel the need to do what everyone else has done. As long as your guests are comfortable and fed, they’ll be happy.

After you’ve sorted out your ceremony and what you’d like to do afterward to celebrate, then start filling out the rest of the details according to what means the most to you.

With simplicity in mind, here’s a short list of stuff the internet tells you you need, but you totally don’t:

Bridesmaids / Groomsmen

Flower girls/ Ring Bearer

Aisle Runners

Ceremony Programs

Ceremony Decorations

Reception Decorations

Wedding Favors

Expensive Invitation Suites

Expensive Shoes

Unnecessary Signage

Guest Book

Unity Candle

Printed Menus


Strewn Rose Petals


Champagne Toast

Seating Charts

A Garter

A Signature Drink

Toss Bouquet


A Veil

You have permission to have as easy and simple a wedding day as you want! Be true to yourself and what’s going to make your wedding day special & meaningful to you and your groom.

Happy Planning!

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