I must admit, I was totally dazzled by this family of 4. Charlie and Jack are the cutest little beans and their parents are literally super humans! I don’t know how anyone could make life with 2 newborns seem chill and effortless, but they totally do! Even though Charlie and Jack are identical twins, they […]

twin newborn session in new jersey

June 20, 2020

Into a moment characterized by shut doors, masked faces and islands of isolation, new life arrived. Baby Chloe is a little ray of sunshine and it’s obvious how much joy she brings to her family! There’s nothing more hopeful or more beautiful than that in times that feel so dark. This is one of the […]

June 6, 2020

I can’t even tell you guys how amazing it was to do newborn pictures for this sweet little bean! At this point, I’ve done his parents’ engagement, wedding and maternity pictures so I was very¬†excited to meet Abe and document the next steps in their journey as a family together! Kelsey and Steve are wonderful, […]

natural light newborn session

January 30, 2019